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The FDLC has posted resources on prayers during the Year of Saint Joseph. These will be updated regularly.

Now we are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a special webinar on the many ways the Church honors Saint Joseph in the Liturgy.

Msgr. Joseph DeGrocco (Region Two) will lead us on Tuesday, April 27, at 1:00 (Eastern). He will address the solemnity and memorial of Saint Joseph as well as other related liturgical texts -- examining each day’s history, theology, cursus of readings, and its richeuchological texts.

Please register at

Additional materials for the year of St. Joseph may also be found at

Let us pray also as we commemorate one year since this pandemic has affected us.

We remember the dead and pray for all those who have endured any kind of difficulty this past year.

May we continue to rise out of this pandemic safely.


Michael Bedics


Office of Worship and Christian Initiation

Diocese of Camden


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