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Diocese of Camden Social Media Policy

Diocese of Camden Social Media Policy

“Thank you for being a member of our online community. As a community of faith, we strive to uphold the dignity of each and every individual. This site permits readers to post comments, although we are not responsible for the content of those comments. Opinions and views expressed in those comments reflect the thoughts of the individuals who post them and do not necessarily reflect the views of this organization.

As a condition of posting comments, you agree not to post any inappropriate

comments – including, but not limited to obscenities, foul language, spam,

personal attacks, bashing, bullying, intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse,

threats, insults, commercial solicitations, repetitive or fraudulent

comments, comments irrelevant to the post under which they are written,

comments which are morally objectionable, and comments which are otherwise inconsistent with Catholic teaching, and they shall not include attachments that are obscene, pornographic, or offensive. We welcome your questions and comments; however, we will not respond on this site. Please direct questions and comments to us via email at

We reserve the sole right, but are not obligated to, review, edit and/or

remove any and all comments. We reserve the right to block any user who posts inappropriate comments.

Links to external websites should not be interpreted as an endorsement of

those organizations or the opinions of those organizations. We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

Thank you for your contributions to our site and for your help in creating a

courteous, safe and energetic place for discussion.”

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