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Kindergarten through Grade 8

Registered Catholic Rate*

First Child           $4,260.00

Second Child     $3,150.00

Third Child         $2,720.00  

Non-Registered Catholic Rate*

First Child          $4,870.00

Second Child    $3,650.00

Third Child        $3,200.00  



Registration and Fees




Registration - $100


This annual per-student fee is due at registration and is non-refundable. 

Technology - $100

This annual per-student fee is due with the first tuition payment (first month, half-year, or total payment).

Books & Supplies - $25

This annual per-student fee covers the cost of all materials (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.). It is paid at the beginning of September for returning students and at registration for new students. 


There are 4 payment options available depending on the date of registration.

Plan 1 - One Payment 

Due August 15th  

Plan 2 - Two Payments 

Due August 15th  & February 15th  

Plan 3 - Ten Payments 

Due Monthly August 15th  - May 15th  

Plan 4** - Eleven Payments 

Due Monthly July 15th through May 15th  



Tuition assistance*** is awarded to Catholic and non-Catholic families based upon demonstrated need and the information provided on the FACTS Tuition Assistance Application. To complete an online application Click Here.



* In order to qualify for the Registered Catholic Rate, a family must be able to identify the parish in which they are registered.

** Plan 4 ( 11 Payments) is only available to families who are registered by May 31. 

*** Tuition assistance is available to families with students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. Tuition assistance is not available for students in Pre-Kindergarten.