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Back to School Night

Thank you to everyone that came out to Back To School Night last night. We are always happy to have so many parents involved and in our building. We hope, as our collection restocks, to have another "Gently Loved Uniforms" table later in the year. We were happy to see so many parents find pieces they could use. Remember... if your child outgrows their uniform (especially pants, blouses, sweaters) please consider donating it to our clothing collection, so we can pay it forward. A special thank you to six amazingly helpful girls - Anna, Kaitlynn, Bryanna, Jennica, Anica and Alexa - who made last night's bake sale such a success. Thank you to everyone who donated baked goods and to those who bought the yummy treats. Our Student Activity Fund thanks you as well. We will let you know when we are hosting the next one!

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