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Action Alert - Economic Stimulus Relief Phase 4

You may have heard that Congress is presently working on the fourth phase of federal economic stimulus relief.  I am asking that you please participate and distribute the attached Action Alert to all of your family and friends.

It is imperative that every family who has children in our school contact their elected officials in Washington asking for their assistance in providing additional funds for nonpublic school students.  It is imperative that we do this so we can ensure the future of our school and others in the Diocese. You can use the Voter Voice System set up by the NJ Catholic Conference. This is a very quick and easy way get your message out to legislators.

This message will go to NJ Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez and to Jeff Van Drew (District 2) who handles all of Atlantic County. If someone wishes to write a personal email or make a phone call to their legislators, their contact information click here

I am pleading with you to do this as soon as possible. We want to show Congress how great our love is for our school and Catholic Education! Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for your anticipated 100% response.


Carol Spina


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