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Curriculum and Co-Curriculum

Spiritual Development

Teaching the Catholic faith is at the heart of what we do at Our Lady Star of the Sea School. In addition to daily religion class for all grades, students develop a faith foundation in the following ways:

  •  Monthly Liturgy Celebrations

  • Sacramental Preparation

  • Community Service

  • Stars Care is our student outreach program with an emphasis on helping our neighbors and those in need in our community on a monthly basis. 

Our dedicated teachers employ a unique Blended Learning approach that is student-centered and learner-driven, personalizing instruction for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners alike. This gives struggling students, students on grade-level, and students who need a greater challenge, the individualized attention they need.


Core Curriculum:

  • Literacy Development

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies 

  • Religion


  • Architecture

  • Art  &Art Theory (Fourth Grade)

  • Choir

  • Creative Writing

  • Music

  • Physical Education

Supplemental Courses taught by

Volunteer Professionals

Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Atlantic City offers unique, weekly supplemental curriculum to students taught by several volunteer professionals.  Ms. Amy Sansov, Judge William Nugent, Mr. Tom Sykes, Dr. Richard Elmore and Judge Bernard DeLury share their expertise with students in:  art theory and appreciation, history of architecture,

cross-curricular creative writing, and Latin.

    Ms. Sosnov, South Jersey Art Association member, teaches art theory and appreciation to 4th grade students introducing them to the ideas of motivation, medium, and perspective, while learning about great artists and their work.  “I learned that food, small things, big things, and everything else in the world is art.  All that matters is that is from your imagination.” Bella

    Judge Nugent, Atlantic County Judge and University of Note Dame alumnus, teaches 8th grade students creative writing weaving in topics addressed in the curriculum.  A competitive essay contest along with a series of writing assignments are included. 

    Fellow Notre Dame graduates, Mr. Sykes, founding principal of SOSH Architects, and Dr. Elmore, retired history professor teach the history of architecture to 7th grade students.  They cover how architecture has evolved over time, and across many different landscapes and cultures. 

    Judge DeLury, Atlantic County Judge, teaches Latin to students after school weekly to provide more insight into the English language, and to enhance reading, writing and thinking skills. 

Our Lady Star of the Sea
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