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Our Lady Star of the Sea School provides a variety of services to students with special needs. Services may include compensatory education, supplemental instruction, English as a Second Language, Speech, Basic Skills Instruction and Para-Educational Support.

English as a Second Language (ESL) - An ESL teacher at the elementary level is focused on teaching young language learners to use English in a variety of settings. We teach students to become effective self-advocates in English, and how to use effective learning strategies. Our ESL teacher also helps students with cultural elements of the English speaking classroom, particularly for our newcomer students.

Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) - Basic Skills Instruction is supplemental instruction provided to our students in English Language Arts and Math. Instruction and support are provided in the basic concepts and skills that students need in order to be successful in their classroom. Students are identified for possible inclusion into BSI using multiple measures. These measures include standardized test scores, other  tests, teacher
recommendations, report cards and/or classroom performance.

Additional Educational Services

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